green-home-ij-article-van-midde-223x300 Van Midde and Son Concrete is proud to have been in a part in the construction of the new LEED Certified sustainable home in Kentfield, CA. Our crew installed all of the exterior concrete flat-work.

This included:

  • The Driveway
  • Patio
  • Living Earth Roof
  • Stepping Stones

The concrete was integral color sand finished with the color English Walnut manufactured by Master Builders.

Shamrock Materials in San Rafael, CA supplied the concrete.

To learn more check out the article on the Marin IJ’s website here.

6-300x300 Useful Fact 6 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

It is surprising how many people use and rely on the material for different things in their life without really knowing or understanding what it is made of.

7_gold-215x300 Useful Fact 7 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

In today’s troubling economy, it is important to note that the concrete industry is a major employer in the United States.

Many jobs have been created throughout the years in the concrete industry – and many people revolve their entire careers around it.

Indeed, in the United States the concrete industry is a $35 billion industry and employs more than two million people.

Because concrete is used in so many different applications, there’s little doubt about the staying power of this incredibly strong industry, either; despite the fluctuations of the world’s economy, people will always rely on concrete for many different reasons.

8-260x300 Reason Number 8 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

While many materials only work well in certain environments or in particular climates – adobe, for example, is best used in the American southwest or other dry, arid regions of the world – concrete is great because it can be used in any environment imaginable.


Reason 9 of 101 Reasons to Use Concrete

Further evidence of concrete’s surprising characteristics lies in the fact that it can create excellent acoustics for those concerned about such things.

Even though concrete can be a very good sound barrier, it can also amplify and enhance the sounds produced within four walls.

Many contractors rely on the properties of concrete to create perfect acoustics within a concert hall or other performance area.